Friday, January 30, 2015

Midwood Smokehouse folks do 'barbecue boot camp,' plan 'Crossroads 'Cue Supper'

Midwood Smokehouse's Frank Scibelli is again working on a few things with chef/food writer Robb Walsh, as Midwood gets ready to open its second location in March (in Ballantyne).

"Barbecue boot camp" is what they're calling their trip through Austin and Houston, with Midwood pitmaster Matt Barry (see his on-the-road Tweets, above and below) and Paco's Tacos chef Phil Carter in two. (Paco's is a sibling to Midwood, also highly Texas-influenced.) They hit CorkScrew BBQ, Southside Market and Barbecue and El Real Tex Mex, and plan to import influences (and dishes like Texas barbecue-style beef ribs) to Midwood's menu.

"When you go on a trip like this, you are learning from people who have made barbecue with the same family recipe for 80 years," Scibelli said in a press release. "We want to bring back those experiences ... so that we can create the most authentic Texas barbecue dining experience possible.”

Upshot for diners: A "Crossroads 'Cue Supper" Feb. 25 at Midwood: three courses, served family style, culled from Walsh's 10 cookbooks, plus beer from NoDa Brewing. 1401 Central Ave., 704-295-4227;


Stephen said...

What they eat in Texas is not recognized as barbecue in the state of North Carolina. They only had to travel 50-90 miles to study real Piedmont 'cue and a little farther for down east style. Does no one notice the dearth of Carolina barbecue in this town?