Monday, January 4, 2010

Links to love

Really? Does everyone have one but me?

When the White House chef and Bobby Flay take on Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali -- and Mario wears the clogs pictured here -- who do you think is going to win? Never mind that Michelle appears to have dressed as a pumpkin. (I love her. But that's a pumpkin look.)

The "Frozen Food Master" reviews, via video, frozen foods. So serious, yet so good, here.

American-in-Paris food blogger David Lebovitz points out the French aren't all I'll-eat-anything, foie-gras lovers here.


Joseph said...

Love your Blog.. I saw several hints to The White House war..
1) Bobby cooked with the President on the clip
2) Emeril ( Love the guy was engaged at his place a few years AGO)NEARLY PASSING OUT from sweat he seems to be losing his BAMM the last years or so especially after leaving Food Network
3) The White House Chef no pressure here imagine being in HER shoes if you lose? Like Zen like Booby said seems like she has been under much more pressure than that!
4)Ann Burrell you got to Love her, her magic with pasta and her new show does have a little fun in it.
5) The Chairman... I was disappointed I thought he would do something special like flipping over the table but alas he was off getting a spray tan and dancing
I assume.