Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New, nearly new, soon-to-be-new

In case you've missed some intense bursts of energy:

  • Though the Charlotte location Butter will, heartbreakingly, not have the restaurant component the NYC original is famous for (it will be strictly a nightclub, more like the same owners’ 1 Oak in NYC), N.C. Music Factory does have other news. Mattie’s Diner should open in the next few weeks, with a classic diner menu with some twists and specials; Black Bear Saloon, a multilocation venture in New York with a fairly straightforward bar menu is under construction; upcoming Wet Willie’s is known for frozen slushy-esque daiquiris, but also sells wings-burgers-etc.; and Noah Lazes says the Factory is eying “at least three other” restaurants, all “major operators.”
  • New in Plaza Midwood: Whiskey Warehouse at the old Creation spot, with pretty brick and wood interior, Jack-and-Coke frozen drinks, and burgers with bourbon BBQ sauce and whiskey-glazed salmon; Loco Lime, the second location of a Mexican place in Huntersville, slated to open in a week or two, and upcoming Cuban Pete’s Café. (In order: 1221 The Plaza; 1101 Central Ave.; and 1308 The Plaza.)
  • Eats at the arts complex on South Tryon Street include no slushy-style cocktails to my knowledge, but the café at the Bechtler is open, with Porcupine Provisions catering it all, aiming at the feel of a European bakery, from sandwiches and salads to some Bechtler grandmother recipes such as carrot cake and marble pound cake. Still to be determined: Who’ll end up doing the café planned at the Mint, and the several places (including “signature restaurant”) at the Duke Energy Center?


Anonymous said...

All of those sound great! Now if we could just get a Houston's restaurant here, maybe in the old Morton's spot at SouthPark Mall???

And for the Duke Energy restaurant... please not another steak house!

Anonymous said...

Mattie's Diner open in a few weeks? Thats optimistic considering the look of the place.

Helen Schwab said...

On Mattie's Diner: Matt King tells me the cold and wet has delayed the process significantly and opening now looks to be sometime around the end of February.

Tinaaas cool said...

Yuuum Wet Willies! My favorite!! That is def. Some exciting news and I bet will be even better in the summer!!!