Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food trucks / Art

The trucks will be out March 2, in coordination with the South End Gallery Crawl once again.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a tiny bit of trouble using the food truck map, which is getting a lot of attention from everyone I know. Could it be possible to click on the truck name and get a listing of where the truck will be for the week? I am having trouble with the icons all lining up in one spot and not being able to click different ones. I am probably doing something wrong but several of us are having mechanical problems using it...and we WANT to use it, it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Your new food truck map is great, and everyone I know is talking about it. Problem is we're having a bit of trouble using it, and we WANT to use it. Problem is the icons seem to line up right over each other and it's hard to go in close enough. It's probably something we're doing wrong but it would be great if you could click a color and get the sked of that truck. We love the idea.

Helen Schwab said...

Hey, Anons: Glad people are trying it, and I think I can help. Two things to be sure to do:
1. You need to pick one day of the week from the drop down menu (it says Select if you don't, and shows all the days, which can look a little confusing).
2. And here's the best help: Double-click on the map and it'll zoom in. Keep double-clicking -- not on the pins, just on the map -- and it'll keep zooming in until all the pins are separated, and you can click for details. Yell at me here, or email me at if these don't work!