Thursday, February 2, 2012

New at Bobcats games

Bobcats home games will have some new fare, including gluten-free and more health-focused dishes, we're told. Look for veggie burgers, grilled veggie kabobs and salads; "Veg Out" and "Fruta" snack cups; grilled chicken sandwiches and Caesar wraps; and a gluten-free snack cart. Also on hand at Time Warner Cable Arena this year: "Meatball Mania" items, including traditional beef meatballs with marinara, chicken meatballs with green chile verde, and Thai pork meatballs with ginger-soy barbecue sauce.


Anonymous said...

A win would be new also

Anonymous said...

^^ I thought it but you beat me to it..

Here is what CLEVELAND thinks about us:

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Cleveland thinks. So many from the Cleve relocate here, so it mustn't be that grand after all.

That said, boo to Bobcats. Forget them & get the Knights back in town!