Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank the Women Who Feed Us

"The Women Who Feed Us" is a six-course dinner March 5 at Harvest Moon Grille, designed to recognize women involved in agriculture and the general food supply. Marylyn Williams of Charlotte will be honored by area farmers as 2012 Local Food Activist of the Year. Williams, a member of Slow Food Charlotte and the Southern Foodways Alliance, has volunteered for farms at dinners, talks, lectures and other events and has worked to promote the local food movement.

The meal will be prepared by an all-woman culinary team, and the event "is for women, but we won't send anyone away," said a spokesman. (Yes, man.)

The dinner, $55 per person, will benefit the expansion of Leading Green, which picks up goods from farms and delivers to purchasers. Reservations: 704-342-1193; 235 N. Tryon St.


Anonymous said...

Curious, who voted for this "Local Food Person of Year" award & could you shed light on the process, i.e. how nominees are selected etc.?

Helen Schwab said...

Sheldon Schreiber, speaking for Harvest Moon, says, "There is not a vote taking place. A group of local farmers collectively made the decision of who will be honored."

Anonymous said...

What is "Leading Green"? I googled it an couldn't find any information. Is it a not for profit?

Helen Schwab said...

Its full name is Leading Green Distributing, and it's based in Black Mountain, but services do extend to Charlotte. It's a for-profit business that offers refrigerated delivery of farm products to restaurants and others. Harvest Moon's Cassie Parsons says the service allows restaurants to get consolidated delivery from a number of farms, saving money and allowing restaurants to use products from many different (often small) farms, in an economical way.