Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Leftover Love': Take your own containers

Charlotte White began last September to work on a simple idea: Could she help protect the planet by getting people to take their own containers for leftovers to restaurants, reducing the use of styrofoam? And could she get restaurants to offer incentives for patrons to do so -- free dessert, a percent off the bill?

Beginning April 22, she got some traction.

Three sibling restaurants in Plaza Midwood -- Kickstand, Loco Lime and Hawthorne's (just the one in Plaza Midwood) -- began that Sunday (Earth Day, incidentally) to give patrons 5 percent off their bill if they bring their own containers for leftovers. (To be crystal clear: This is only for folks who dine in, and have leftovers -- you can't bring takeout containers for takeout orders and get a discount!)

A Charlottean with a master's degree in liberal studies from UNCC and a 2-year-old, White dubbed the initiative Leftover Love. She wrote: "I want my son, my family, and myself to remember that not everything has to be easy and convenient, which is what is always promised to us with disposable lifestyles. I do believe every action counts, even the small ones... I thought what an easy and cheap way to go that extra step, take your own container, reduce that styrofoam. So simple."

Interested? You can also sign White's petition through on the topic, here.