Friday, April 27, 2012

Links of the week

Have you tried Kobe beef in America in the last two years? Larry says: No. You haven't. This Forbes writer goes through the issue of Kobe's reality and reputation, and posits that the very specific beef's reputation has been stolen, here. It's all interesting, but skip to here if you're short on time for a sort-of-summary version -- that's both more subtle and more clear on several points.

Define "we" in this list from Zagat called "8 Chain Restaurant Dishes We Secretly Love." (My personal tally: no, yes, yes but only for the first 90 seconds, no, never had, never had, never had, never had.)

Ever wonder about wasabi? (The REAL wasabi, I mean?) Take a look here.


Anonymous said...

About "Kobe" Beef... this article is in fact true. It is common Knowledge that the importation of japanese cattle is prohibited etc.. But in the defense of what we call "american style" kobe is a cross between wagyu and angus. ok NOW, that beef is HEAVILY marbled and raised in places like, masami ranch, mishima ranch, snake river farms. You put this meat up against any prime beef on the market and it blows it away. I would never tell anyone they were getting Japanese Kobe beef from my place...thats impossible. What you are getting is what we call in "quotes" "American Style" Kobe Beef..its just like calling the Kurobuta ...the "Kobe" of pork.
And just so people know the downlow on why it cost so much: Because we pay so much. It COST me 40 dollars a pound for Prime Cap of much does a customer pay? 50-60$ a portion at a restaurant. It cost 14.00 A pound for a decent cut and 30-45 dollars a pound for the good do the math. The only lie about this is if people tell customers they are eating "japanese Kobe"