Friday, April 6, 2012

New at P.F. Chang's and Applebee's

P.F. Chang's (multiple locations) has a new lunch menu, with 20-plus lunch combinations (entree with soup or salad) for less than $10. A new dim sum lunch offers two orders of steamed dumplings, plus soup or salad, for $7.45. And the dinner menu adds salads, appetizers and entrees to both the regular and gluten-free lineup. In the first group are tuna tataki crisps, Thai chicken noodle salad and crab-fried rice; in the second are Vietnamese crab salad, caramel mango chicken and lemon-scented Brussels sprouts.

And it must be new-lunch-menu-for-chains week.

Applebee’s added several new items to its Pick ‘N Pair menu (75 possible combinations of sandwich, salad, soup), including fried green tomato and turkey club; roast beef, bacon and mushroom melt; and Fiesta chicken chopped salad.


Anonymous said...

now if applebee's would just improve their food...

Anonymous said...

Applebees' policy is apparently "If it tastes lousy, cook it with more salt".