Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chow down uptown Thursday

Hit the uptown Food Truck Festival 5-9 p.m. June 14 at the 7th Street Station parking lot and you'll find lots of trucks, live acoustic music and more. Among the trucks slated to be there:

Cupcake Delirium and its Elvis cupcake.
Goody Woody’s with fried tacos, sandwich wraps, burgers, hot dogs and more.
Harvest Moon Grille and its focus on local foodstuffs.
Herban Legend and American and international "comfort food."
Maki Taco with Pan Asian fare.
Napolitano’s with Italianate sandwiches and more.
Sal’s Roadside Eatery offering sausage and peppers, hot dogs, eggplant parm, etc.
I Scream 4 Ice Cream and its "air-conditioned mobile ice cream parlor."
Outdoor Feasts with barbecue and more.
The Roaming Fork and its pulled pork/grilled cheese sandwich, a Chow Down favorite, I'm told.
Smoke and Go with smoked ribs, chicken, turkey, beef brisket and more.
Southern Cake Queen with cupcakes in dozens of flavors.
Wingzza, pairing wings and pizza.
and TCBY: Yes, yogurt.

Street address for the lot is 224 E. 7th St. Admission is free (but bring cash, since not all vendors take debit or credit cards), and parking will be available for $5 in the lot next to the Chow Down. Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the 7th Street Public Market.


Anonymous said...

So what happened to the Food Trucks that are supposed to be in uptown for lunch?

Rob said...

They are around. Follow them on twitter. Herban Legend is at Gateway Village today.

Anonymous said...

So what's the over/under on fatal shootings tonight?

Anonymous said...

Why TCBY? Didn't Tasty Yo just open at the market? SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE!!! In my opinion TCBY is not a good fit for this Chow Down regardless of the fact that it takes business away from the little guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to lift weights so I can sample all of the trucks.

Beefsquatch! This is me now.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Bob's burgers

Anonymous said...

No kosher trucks? Nice. Stay classy, Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

How is it "Charlotte's" fault there are no Kosher trucks? How about YOU go start a Kosher truck.

Oh and ANON 9:49, why would you say something like that? How about nobody gets shot, we all have a good time, and trolls an morons like you just stay away?

Anonymous said...

It sounds awesome. Wish I could be there.
I will particularly miss the cupcake truck and the Elvis cupcake.
I hope I can catch up with some of these trucks some other time!

Anonymous said...

These comment are ridiculous

The bese one... TCBY shouldn't be allowed to operate a food truck or participate in a food truck circle because it should only be for small businesses and there shouldn't be competition... And tCBY is a franchise operation. The stores are independently owned. Just a stupid commnet all around
actualy that is tied with the prospect that someone will get shot tonight. As if it a food truck circle ni uptown is dangerous...

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen. Love your blog.

Do you think this event will be safe for my wife and daughter to attend alone?


Anonymous said...

Will these trucks dispense free water without purchase? I love delicious tacos, but not all of us want to get berserker drunk.

Will there be fireworks at sunset?

Bill said...

Anon @ 4:55 - Seriously?? The most dangerous part will be driving the car on the roads.