Friday, June 15, 2012

Reader input sought: Choice cocktails, small-batch bourbon or ... ?

The best cocktail I've had lately: The Negroni at Wolfgang Puck Pizza | Bar. This classic, made with gin and Campari, with orange garnish, was turned out exceptionally smoothly.

Now it's your turn -- but with a twist. (Ha. See what I did there?) I seek uptown spots (as defined by the squarish area bordered by I-277) serving what you think is best in the following categories:

* Creative cocktails
* Classic cocktails
* Craft beer selection
* Wines by the glass
* Wines by the bottle (as in best wine cellar)
* Small-batch bourbons
* Cheeeeeeap!
* And the category-of-your-choice -- be it best-poured-Irish-beer or strangest martinis or frozen margaritas or whatever.

UPTOWN, remember: Not elsewhere. (We'll get to that later.)
You can email me if you prefer, at


Jackie C. said...

I love the bloody mary at Queen City Q that's served with a skewer of brisket, shrimp and green olive. It has good spice and the brisket gives a bit of smoky flavor. Excellent beer selection too. Our server said they have over 40 taps and something like 80 different kinds of bottles.

Cat Harris said...

Creative cocktails: Shanghai Speakeasy or El Guapo from Halcyon in Uptown. Or really any of their cocktails (one steeped with bacon). Hands down.

rhonda said...

I second Halcyon for creative cocktails--nowhere else comes close. I'm really looking forward to the results of this because I don't know of any places to get good cocktails in uptown.

C-Dub said...

The Grasshopper at Emeril's e2 - cucumber, gin...and yum

Melanie Cooper said...

The Magic Bulleit with fresh ginger and cucumber as well as the Absinthe Minded! Both of these were delicious when I ate at City Smoke last weekend! And to say that their bourbon/whiskey list is impressive is an understatement. The bartender said there were close to 60 with more to come!

Anonymous said...

The Aria Tuscan Grill Italian Mojito is great.... It comes with Rum, muddled mint & limes, simple syrup, and Prosecco... A delicious summer cocktail