Monday, August 5, 2013

Lab-grown burgers and more: Links for a Monday

The world's first burger grown in a lab: Tasters in London declare it "like meat," "close to meat" and "a very good start," while critics point out that making more food doesn't address the core issues of hunger -- efficiency of production and distribution. Interesting stuff here.

Meanwhile, the upcoming movie "Chef," about a chef who gets fired from a restaurant and opens a food truck (note: it's from Jon Favreau -- as is this photo -- who acted in "Rudy" and directed "Elf"), is being well-followed on Eater, here.

And finally, the best bit about Twinkies since that Spy magazine thing is here, including "Do I detect notes of caramel and burnt butter? Probably not."


Anonymous said...

Jon Favreau was in the movie Rudy, but he didn't play Rudy.

Helen Schwab said...

Right you are! My apologies, and I've corrected it.