Friday, August 16, 2013

Sneak peek at BAKU menu

Here's a sneak preview of the BAKU menu (a sushi and robata place scheduled to open around month's end at 4515 Sharon Road near SouthPark; the v is for vegetarian):

Small bites and soups $4-12
steamed soy beans with sea salt /v
crispy calamari with ginger, garlic, green chile and lime
Kurobuta pork and sweet onion dumplings
wild mushroom and bean dumplings
white miso soup with spicy scallop and baby leek
porcini mushroom and smoked tofu miso soup
local quail with plum wine, and kinome
coal roasted shishito peppers with shaved bonito

Salads $6 - 12
Carolina vine tomato, roasted eggplant with ginger and rice vinegar
roasted beet with spicy grilled tofu and orange blossom honey
seasonal wild mushroom with herb garlic oil and sesame essence
BAKU salad of cabbage and leaf lettuce, candied pecans and umebosi dressing

Tempura $8-19
tiger prawns with sauce for dipping
dayboat grouper with pickled red onion and chile dashi
fresh rock shrimp with wasabi pea dust, lime and chile yuzu
assorted fresh vegetables with dipping trio

Maki Rolls $7 - 15
avocado with shishito mayo, wasabi, yuzu and shichimi
softshell crab with chile and tobiko sauce
yellowtail tuna with cucumber, serrano pepper and avocado
spicy pork and sweet egg omelet
shitake and enoki mushroom duo

Robata Skewers $6-15
Kurobota pork belly with mustard miso glaze and shiso slaw
sake-glazed chicken wings with lime and sancho salt flake
beef tenderloin and asparagus
chicken and baby leek yakitori
diver scallop with black plum vin cotto and yuzu mayo
chicken liver with shishito pepper
roasted oyster with garlic yuzu butter and dried shiso
Alaskan king crab with lemon miso butter

Sashimi/Nigiri & Small plates $12-18
seared tuna sashimi with daikon and ponzu dressing
prime beef tataki with porcini mushroom and essence of white truffle
cold-smoked salmon with maple, lemon and mint
Kumumoto oyster with pickled melon and cucumber mignonette
seared escolar with shiso pesto, yuzo, and white asparagus
chirashi with mango, avocado, macadamia nut and sweet chile soy
yellowtail sashimi with smoky pickled onion and truffle oil
Wagyu nigiri with quail egg, daikon and ginger lemon
bluefin toro nigiri, foie gras, ponzu and sturgeon caviar
sizzling kampachi with shichimi pepper, ginger and hot rice oil

Shared Platters and Pots $11-20
chef's selection of nigiri, sashimi or robata skewers
wild mushroom kamamashi pot

Robata Meats $17-26
marinated lamb chops with Korean chile and garlic
tea-brined duck breast with honey lime and peach salad
babyback ribs with house spice blend and sweet chile glaze
Wagyu ribeye steak with fresh wasabi
Jidori chicken breast with chili yuzu and herb glaze
spicy filet of beef with black pepper sesame sauce

Robata Seafood $18-25
miso glazed black cod with onion cress salad
wild king salmon teriyaki
giant Madagascar prawn with sweet chile, garlic, and yuzu
charred halibut with gochujang chile and honey

Robata Vegetables $6-9
local sweet corn with shiso butter /v
crimini mushrooms with garlic soy /v
asparagus with wafu dressing and sesame seeds /v
plum eggplant with spicy lemon miso dressing /v
baby artichokes with white truffle wafu dressing /v
sweet potato with honey and cinnamon /v
coal roasted shishito peppers with shaved bonito