Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New cocktails at Fern

Maggie Rupert, who's been Halcyon's mixologist, is now handling cocktails for the rest of the Mother Earth Group: First up is Fern with half a dozen new ones.
Among them is the Garden N' Gun (above): Bulleit boubon with yuzu, Aperol and fennel syrup ($12). Also on tap: The Fellini (American Harvest organic spirit with bee balm leaf, watermelon pepper melange and Prosecco), the Ne'er Do Well (Covington sweet potato vodka, local peach puree, jalapeno, Meyer lemon and egg white), the Bunnicula (Troy & Sons moonshine with carrot juice, almond milk, Krupnikas honey liqueur and chai syrup).
Fern: 1323 Central Ave.; 704-377-1825.


Anonymous said...

geez. 'mixologist'. high-falutin' 'bartenders', that's all they are. charging $12 for a drink?!?!?! ridiculous.