Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dressler to open new place at SouthPark

Jon Dressler of Dressler’s will open a third restaurant, offering “elevated Southern fare” at Sharon Square, and opening this fall, if all goes according to plan. Dressler will aim at “finely prepared Southern comfort food in a casual environment with an open kitchen,” according to a press release, with roasted meats, fish, “locally sourced vegetables” and signature desserts. Lunch and dinner are planned, as is outdoor dining.

Dressler has two eponymous restaurants, at the Metropolitan near uptown and at Birkdale Village in Huntersville.

Corkbuzz is also slated to open later this year at Sharon Square, which is at the intersection of Sharon and Fairview roads near SouthPark.


Anonymous said...

Check out Dressler's menu. Very predictable.

Anonymous said...

Do you even have a clue what the menu will be like at this new location? Probably not, so shut your face! This will have a completely different menu than what has been in the past. Totally different concept!