Monday, May 4, 2009

About to open: Big View

Big View Diner -- which owners Stratos Lambos and Angelo Kaltsounis describe as a big-city Greek-owned diner with a big menu and full breakfast for less than $5 (and served all day) -- is slated to open Wednesday at the corner of Ardrey Kell and Johnston Road in south Charlotte. A retro d├ęcor offers lots of seating options, and the lineup includes: housemade chips and corned beef on rye, spaghettini with fresh basil, beer-battered flounder, open-faced turkey sandwiches with cornbread sausage stuffing, hanger steaks and more. Pastry chef Frank Kaltsounis serves up a variety of desserts, including classic loukomades (warm honey fritters), and milkshakes are made with housemade ice creams.

Four large-screen TVs line the place's sports lounge, and “we expect families, sports teams, community and church groups to be a big part of our clientele,” Lambos says. “You can come casually dressed, relax, and fill up on some great food, or just stop by for a drink and watch a game." Big View joins siblings ilios noche and Nolen Kitchen. The new place will open early for breakfast beginning May 25. 704-544-0313. You can download menus and get a look at the place here.


Anonymous said...

I don't see any way to get a "full breakfast" for under $5 on that menu.

Anonymous said...

I checked out Big View's menu online at their website. I was hoping they could use "gratuitous quotes" a little more on their menu. Who proofed the thing?

I'm also disappointed to see that none of the Greek favorites from Ilios Noche, such as the spanakopita, carried over to the diner. They say it's a "Greek diner" (note to owners: that's a proper use of quotes) but I see nothing on the menu that really speaks to that except one salad.

Between all of that, the outrageous $2.50 price tag for a soda, and the bad reviews that are already starting to filter out on blogs and city sites, I don't think I'll be paying Big View Diner a visit anytime soon. They don't even have any indication that they're open yet, and the big sign up on the corner still says "Coming Soon".

Wondering how many more ways you can botch a new restaurant...

Cat said...

$2.50 for a SODA? That's flat out thievery... If I wanted to be taken for a ride, I'd just go to Speed Street and pay $5 for one. By my calculations you couldn't get out of there for less than $7.50 for a basic breakfast, unless you just ordered some water and toast.

Too rich for my tastes. I had hoped a "diner" would be priced like one... BVD owners certainly market themselves as being priced like one, but since their soda's nearly as expensive as their beer, I'll stay far away... Unless I'm in the mood for beer!