Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Bite: Big View Diner

The food: Think diner, then amend your thinking. The last diner I was at that had real roasted turkey on its hot turkey sandwich? Wait: There wasn't one. Housemade crisp chips with blue cheese dressing; wings roasted, then grilled and sauced with sweet mustard barbecue sauce; meatloaf with veal jus; mashed sweet potatoes; grilled chicken sandwich on focaccia: all classics tweaked upward and all pretty good. The question is, on this long, long, long menu, will there be a few things so stunning you'll come back on a regular basis? I'll let you know after I've worked my way through a few dozen. Desserts range from handsome cookies of many kinds to mile-high cream pies on extraordinarily flaky crusts, and cheesecakes, and ice creams are made in house.
The look: Think diner, then think retro and expensively-done fun. Circular string cages around the lights (like when kids put starched string around balloons and let it dry, then pop them); brightly colored collage-y artwork; graduated wood panels with vivid red accents; curvy and straight padded booths; and a big dining area, plenty of counter spots and a somewhat-separated sports lounge with big TV screens.
The servers: Ours was a career server type (read: older than 22) who knew the menu well and sold it with aplomb. Others checked on us routinely and energetically and something like three different people boxed up the leftovers (and you are very likely to have leftovers). Well-coordinated.
The details: Breakfast about $2.25-$13; sandwiches $5-$10; lunch entrees $7-$14; dinner entrees $9-$21. 16637 Lancaster Highway near the intersection of Johnston Road and Ardrey Kell; 704-544-0313; www.bigviewdiner.com.


Anonymous said...

Cool place but I have been there twice and the wait was over 45 minutes, and the second time it didnt seem that full.

Anonymous said...

Agree with previous poster...they have some kinks to work out...talked to Angelo (1 of the owners and said they were addressing and breakfast would be postponed for awhile). Prices are very reasonable considering the location...fish sandwich was good although the portion was skimpy...my friends got huge sandwiches and (club, chicken salad, etc) and each had to take half home. Cheesecake was phenomenal...Frank (Angelo's brother) is a top pastry chef...and so was the rice pudding. These guys know how to run restaurants (see Ilios Noche and Nolen Kitchen) and will certainly get the kinks worked out. Blue cheese chips were over the top btw...really good, but too rich for a lunch appetizer.