Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chef Hartwick's new gig

Chef Blake Hartwick has left Bonterra in Dilworth after a decade-long run (as well as siblings Las Ramblas and the new Lodge at Colony Place) and is now at the helm at Andrew Blair's (1600 Montford Drive), where he has completely overhauled the menu.

"It's more of a Southern (list) with my twist on it, using seasonal stuff. I'm still big into the apps thing -- not tapas by any means, but the price points are low, so you can order two or three." He's making all desserts in-house now, including ice creams, and is excited about the area. "Bruce (Moffett, with Good Food) is down here now … Montford is making a resurgence. There's Brazwell's gastro pub (which replaced the former Press Box)…"

In addition, Hartwick has worked with a renovation of Andrew Blair's sibling Eat Here Now in Ayrsley (2016 Ayrsley Town Blvd.), which now has stainless steel and tile and all new furniture, and a menu that's "basically like a diner, with a good Southern comfort food take to it" and only one item over $9.


Anonymous said...

This is bad news...particularly for Las Ramblas. Any idea of who they're going to get for a replacement?