Monday, May 18, 2009

Got a road food suggestion?

As folks head out of town and back in this summer, let's compile a few good places to stop. Do you have a recommendation? We'll be talking about such places -- along with what's new, what's good, what's cheap and who's where these days -- on WFAE's "Charlotte Talks" with Mike Collins at 9 a.m. this Friday (May 22).

One in each direction, to get the ball rolling:

near Statesville. Dipping fried chicken in barbecue sauce may sound like gilding the lily, but believe me: It's worth it.


McLeod's Farmer's Market near McBee, for produce you can munch right there.


The Sundae Shop in Midland for milkshakes and Carolina-style burgers.

Bridges Barbecue
in Shelby. Located on N.C. 74, this is a longtime stalwart sometimes referred to as Red's. If you have time to drive in a ways (just a mile or two), you can also check out Alston Bridges Barbecue, at 620 E. Grover St. in Shelby.

Share your suggestions, and listen Friday for more ideas. I'll post more, as well.


Anonymous said...

East - Fuller's BBQ in Lumberton. The name is a misnomer; while they do serve bbq, its not outstanding, its merely one item on a HUGE buffett featuring home-style goodies of every description. Excellent fried chicken, chicken and dumpligs, every vegetable you can imagine, salads, desserts, etc, etc, etc. Right off I-95 and just 5 miles from Hwy 74. Great place to stop between Charlotte and Wilmington.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few other wonderful spots not too far from Charlotte:

West: Tony's Ice Cream Parlor in Gastonia. A true gem!

South: Courtney's BBQ in Clover, SC: Definitely worth the drive and they stock vinegar, tomato and mustard sauces so whatever your taste it will be perfect. Not a BBQ fan? Try the catfish!

Northeast: Farmhouse Restaurant in Salisbury: Great old fashioned Southern cooking in this family restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Moose Cafe next to the Asheville Farmer's Market. OMG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ernie's, South Boston, VA -- Great, southern-style buffet!

Anonymous said...

I would totally agree with the Sundae shop in the East in Midland. Old drive up building with some of the best fast foos in the area. Everyone should go by and get a hamburger, fries and shake. This place will make you come back over and over again!!