Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look for El Camino

The Henson family (Angry Ale's, Andrew Blair's) is planning a new Montford Drive venture named El Camino. Says Barbara Henson: "Our goal is to provide unique (to Charlotte, at least) Mexican and Tex Mex-inspired food ... (in) a fun, eclectic and energetic atmosphere, with a definite family-friendly environment." Chef Todd Townsend, longtime Charlotte fixture, helped develop recipes, she says, and family and friends influenced choices, as did the family's research and travels in Texas.


Anonymous said...

Where on Montford will it be? Isn't there already a Tex Mex place on Montford?

Anonymous said...

So, Maverick Rock Taco Part II?

Anonymous said...

Did they pull "a fun, eclectic and energetic atmosphere" from Maverick's description? What in the world are they thinking, opening a Mexican restaurant across from another Mexican restaurant? When this one doesn't work out, what's next "Mediocre Food on Montford"?