Monday, January 27, 2014

'Be a poet, not a gladiator': Links for a Monday

Garden & Gun does a handsome job with Southern cocktails here (though I'd lobby for a Charlotte spot or two), but Kevin Barrett from Raleigh's Foundation gets quote of the week, talking about his Redless Snapper here.

When someone brought me a bit of moonshine at a holiday party, I found it lovely. Guess I can expect to see more, according to NPR here. Yes, "Moonshiners" appears to have something to do with it.

Seriously: Spend 7 minutes with Ferran Adria's food here, with an excerpt on Eater of "1846," which documents each of the 1,846 dishes the legendary chef served at defunct elBulli in Spain. Amazingly clear photos of stuff you will have NO IDEA the identity of. Feel free to comment with guesses. (I'm feeling "fish skeleton" at 3:54, but with Adria, it could totally be caviar-flavored foam frozen into the shape of a fish skeleton with liquid nitrogen.)