Monday, January 27, 2014

Bits and crumbs and a little CLT outrage

Southern Living lists the "100 Best Bars in the South." Half a dozen in Charleston, as you might expect, and New Orleans does well, and there are tiny-town ones, too: in Big Pine Key (go Florida) and Helotes (yay Texas). I was curious when "The South's Best New Restaurants" had no Charlotte entries, but there were only five (plus a peripheral dozen) in that list. This is 100 -- including a place that's closed (with no note online) and one where it's suggested you drink a Michigan beer. This is a little harder to ... swallow.

Agree, or am I getting my Queen City knickers in a bunch for nothing? Where would you suggest Southern Living stop in?


Anonymous said...

the observer should update it own website to reflect restaurants that have closed. Some have been closed for years. And no we do not have any noteworthy restaurants when compared to bigger cities. Not to say that we don't have any good restaurants. But most of charlotte is overpriced burgers or southern food.

Helen Schwab said...

Thanks for the comment, and fair point that closed places have shown up on the O's Dining page. To be clear, the listings (everything under Tour the World on that page) are content that a third-party vendor culls from various places some, not all from the Observer) and not monitored by us. Wish I could!

rhonda said...

Yeah this list is disappointing. If it was about cocktails only then I would understand, but it isn't. I would put Soul on this list and at least one of our breweries, probably OMB.
I'd add Fullsteam Brewery in Durham also and Fox Liquor Bar in Raleigh.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Southern Living long ago. The folks in Birmingham don't think of us as being a part of the South.