Friday, July 6, 2012

Burger month at BlackFinn

Four specialty burgers offered through July 31 at BlackFinn:
* The Eye Opener: On a toasted everything bagel, this has bacon, egg, creamy cheese sauce "and a hint of coffee" for $10.99.
* The French Connection: melted Brie, bacon, honey and apple slices on a kaiser roll for $12.99.
* The Big Maxx: garlic Texas toast, topped with breaded mac 'n cheese and roasted jalapeno sour cream for $11.99.
* St. Patty's Melt: topped with beer-braised onions and garlic-herb cream cheese, on grilled marble rye bread for $11.99.

For each of those types of burgers sold, BlackFinn will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. 210 E. Trade St.; 704-971-4440.


Anonymous said...

Those do not sound to good to me. I'll just go to Hardee's and get a Thick Burger for half the price!

Anonymous said...

Definitely some odd combinations. They would probably get more money raised for the Wounded Warriors by adding $1 to all of their burgers for July. I'd probably participate in that.