Tuesday, July 10, 2012

King's Kitchen Mission 5000

Folks at The King's Kitchen and Rooster's uptown want to throw a party near the start of next school for children who are homeless, a time "they can let go of worry for a day, eat great food, have fun, listen to music and get much needed school supplies so they can enter into the school year confident and prepared," as chef/owner Jim Noble puts it.

So they've got a plan for diners that involves eating at both restaurants: Start at the Kitchen for lunch or dinner and tell the server you are dining for Mission 5000. You'll get a card. Take that with you to a meal at the uptown Rooster's (not the SouthPark one) before Sept. 1, and give it to the server there. You'll get 10 percent off that meal, and the two dinners together count as one completed card. Noble aims to collect 5,000 such cards, and at that time will donate $5,000 from Rooster's and $5,000 from the Kitchen to the planned event.

You must make reservations for your meals before the end of August. If you go to the Kitchen, but can't make it to Rooster's, you are allowed to give your card to someone who can to complete it. Updates and more info at Twitter @roostersuptown or @thekingskitchen.