Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cool Charlotte food event of the month (maybe the summer)

Bacon, beer, cars and chefs: The Piedmont Culinary Guild has zeroed in on something for everyone as it kicks off something called the Bacon, Brews & Cruise-in 2014 on June 29.

Held at Atherton Mill & Market in South End, it will offer a bacon cookoff, a beer brewoff and a classic car showoff (so this event has a merry plentitude of cool phrases to play with), from 3-7 p.m., and will benefit the Guild. That's a collective of chefs, farmers, teachers and food artisans in the area who aim to "connect and strengthen the food chain" (see? another great word play).

Participating chefs doing interesting things with bacon will be: David Quintana of Southminster; Ben Philpott of Block & Grinder; Clark Barlowe of Heirloom; Trenda Boone and Brandon Cress of modPaleo; Blake Hartwick of Blackthorne; Chris Coleman of The Asbury; Luca Annunziata and Matthew Krenz of Passion8; Marla Thurman and Terra Ciotta of the Art Institute; Alyssa Gorelick of Chef Alyssa's Kitchen;
Jon Fortes of Mimosa Grill; Paul Verica of Heritage; Marc Jacksina of the upcoming Earl's Grocery; Geoff Blount of CPCC; and Greg Collier of The Yolk.

Tickets are $35 for beer and bacon; add $15 if you want to enter your classic car for a chance to win $500.