Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Villa Antonio closes South Blvd. site; Ballantyne open

Villa Antonio has closed its South Boulevard location, confirmed general manager Charlene Teiro, so the Ballantyne location -- at 14825 Ballantyne Village Way -- is its sole restaurant now. "We just didn't want to have to run two locations anymore," she said, noting the longtime original closed "just a few days ago." (That opened in 1987, next door to the Silver Cricket and next to Pier 1, the latter of which is still open.)
Menus were identical at the two, so nothing changes there, and Teiro said all staff who wanted to relocate did.


Anonymous said...

"We just didn't want to have to run two locations anymore"

I'm sure one customer's opinion doesn't count much with the restaurant's management/owners...but I love the place. Even after moving from the area, it was only about a 15 drive down I-77S for us to get there. But Ballantyne? No, just no way.

There's gotta be more to the story than just not wanting to run two locations, but this is just a bad bad bad business decision, in my opinion.

So...ciao, Villa Antonio. It was nice knowing you for almost twenty-seven years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you loved the restaurant so much that after 27 years, you couldn't bear to drive another 15 minutes to Ballantyne - heavens no!

Archiguy said...

The Cajun Queen did the same thing a few years back. They closed their second location in Pineville even though it was quite successful and packed nearly every night. My wife & I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there.

Sometimes time is just more important than money.

Larry said...

And yet it was so convenient to the light rail.

Anonymous said...

That area is a dump. Period. A place charging that much money doesn't fit there. Hmm, what does fit there? .....just look around there and you will see.