Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Cue: It's everywhere

Bill Spoon's made a Zagat list (that's the national diner-voting website and publication) of the country's top 10 barbecue destinations (and it got referred to by the Huffington Post, Steve Spoon tells us!). Take a look here.

And coming in Friday's CLT: A review of Sauceman's.


John said...

Spoons isn't even bbq, its just roast pork. They don't cook with wood or charcoal.

Anonymous said...

Love Sauceman's! Their turkey is GREAT. I

Kincaid said...

Bill Spoons BBQ. They take Cash,Checks and Promises. The nicest man (god rest his soul), Bill never turned down a hungry person. BBQ is moist, sauce is perfect and don't get me started on the bananna pudding...yum.