Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Restaurant is animal-welfare-approved

Grazin' in Hudson, N.Y., is scheduled to open Oct. 1 as the first "Animal Welfare Approved Restaurant" in the country. That means all meat, dairy and egg products used at the restaurant come from AWA-listed farms. Animal Welfare Approved is a national nonprofit that audits and certifies farmers raising their animals outdoors on pasture or range, sustainability. (For more on the standards, check the AWA website.)

Dan Gibson and his family own and operate the restaurant, along with Grazin' Angus Acres farm, which raises grass-fed and -finished Black Angus beef. "For some time now, I have dreamed about opening a truly sustainable restaurant," Gibson said in a press release. "And as we only use local suppliers, most of our ingredients will have traveled less than 11 miles from farm to plate, minimizing the carbon footprint of every meal." The place will make its own butter and ice creams, and get its baked goods from another AWA approved source.

The restaurant is at 717 Warren St.; www.grazindiner.com.


Anonymous said...

animal welfare approved....so the cow that they KILL for the meat....this is in the best interest of the animal?

Anonymous said...

the readers live in the Charlotte, NC area. why is a NY restaurant being reviewed. and it is not even a review.

Anonymous said...

Even though this restaurant is in NY, I'm still really happy to hear about it. There are a few restaurants popping up in Charlotte that serve local, certified humane meat and dairy, but I'd definitely like to see more. Hopefully informing people about the benefits of local, sustainable and humane food will allow for restaurants like this to become more mainstream. Thanks for sharing!