Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zagat picks top fast food

The newest Zagat Survey (that's where diners vote; this boasts 6,000+ voters) is in, on fast food, covering 103 chains nationally. Get a roll-over summary here, giving you the fast-serve and full-service winners in Burger, Salad, Coffee and Value categories.

Among highlights and interesting tidbits:
* Five Guys and Red Robin take the burger prizes, while Panera and The Cheesecake Factory claim salad kudos.
* 69 percent of votes said they support calorie count displays in both fast food and full service chains
* 55 percent said those counts influence their decisions about ordering (!)
* The "outtakes" section gives you quotes from surveyors, and they're worth perusing for the zzzing! Sample: "If you want to make one more bad decision on a Saturday night at 2 AM – go here."