Monday, September 19, 2011

Steakhouse is opening uptown

Nick's Steak and Taphouse, billed as uptown's first mid-priced steakhouse, is open at 7th Street Station (225 E. 6th St.; 980-819-9240), with prime rib and other steaks, bacon-wrapped grilled swordfish, butter-poached salmon, 16 craft beers on tap, and more. Steaks come with salad and sides and run about $22-$27.

In case you've lost track of the LaVecchia Restaurant Group's movements, let me refresh you. That site used to house LaVecchia's, until that operation moved to the Hearst Tower (across from Luce) in March, and got a menu and wine list upgrade.

Also within the past year or so, the group:
* Opened Jax Backstreet Tavern in Belmont.
* Opened Battleground Steakhouse in Kings Mountain.
* Opened Nick's Steak and Taphouse in Gastonia.
(It also has Nix Burger & Brew uptown and Old Stone Steakhouse in Belmont.)


Anonymous said...

So Nick's is still owned by the group that owns LaVecchia's?

Anonymous said...

This restaurant is not open. Do not make the same mistake we did and drive into uptown hoping for a reasonably priced steak dinner - not going to happen!

Helen Schwab said...

Nick's is not open, according to the health department report of Sept. 28, although I don't know more than that at this time (I haven't gotten replies to calls and email, and the voicemail on the business's phone still says it's open). My apologies.